Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

From modeling toxic gas dispersion to developing custom software and web applications, the BREEZE team can apply our specialized EH&S, modeling, and programming expertise on whatever challenges your organization faces. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Air quality modeling
    • Expertise in U.S. regulatory environment and worldwide
    • Models including AERMOD, CALPUFF, CAMx, CMAQ
    • Deep understanding of model algorithms
  • Accidental toxic/flammable gas release modeling
    • Risk assessment and planning
    • Facility siting and design
    • Accident response and analysis
    • Models such as INPUFF, DEGADIS, and SLAB
  • Explosion and fire modeling
    • Risk assessment
    • Facility siting and design
    • Accident analysis


Custom Environmental Software/Web Development
  • Software applications
    • Real-time modeling
    • Data visualization
    • Data processing
  • Web applications
    • Air quality databases/portals
    • Remote environmental modeling platforms
    • Hosting of custom solutions
  • Scientific model development
    • Enhancements to existing models such as AERMOD and CALPUFF
    • Implementation of emission calculations, risk assessment methodologies, and other algorithms


The same staff whose technical knowledge underlies the BREEZE products trusted by thousands of environmental and safety professionals worldwide is ready to put their expertise to work on your issues. For more information, contact us at or +1 972-661-8881.

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High-Speed Modeling

Up to 100x Faster! 
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Our professional staff provides a wide range of services to meet EH&S requirements for companies worldwide. We are committed to developing solutions that address your specific objectives and provide enhanced productivity for your EH&S professionals.