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BREEZE developers are leaders in the development of high-performance computing models for air and explosion modeling. Our software developers were the first to tackle the complex process of developing parallel software for U.S. EPA regulatory dispersion models. To comply with The Guideline on Air Quality Models, BREEZE developers were challenged with leaving the AERMOD mathematical algorithms unchanged while at the same time incorporating sophisticated CPU management routines to handle the simultaneous calculations among multiple processors. They succeeded in June 2007 with the introduction of BREEZE AERMOD Parallel. In addition to AERMOD, BREEZE had parallelized various internal processing routines incorporated in many BREEZE products (e.g., gridding methods and doublet theory).

Local Resources - BREEZE AERMOD Parallel

BREEZE AERMOD Parallel is included with the purchase of BREEZE AERMOD Pro and Pro Plus. With the local approach, the user purchases and determines how many processors are desired to run the software application.

Remote Resources - BREEZE Remote Modeling Services

The BREEZE Remote Modeling System (BRMS) for AERMOD is a Web-enabled application that executes AERMOD model runs on a massively parallel computer cluster. Once a model run is started on the BRMS, results are returned in a fraction of the normal execution time (e.g., up to 100 times faster!).

The BRMS for AERMOD operates on a massively parallel computer cluster owned by BREEZE that combines the processing power of multiple multi-core computers. Multi-core computers have more than one processing unit, or CPU, on a computer chip. Each core can be viewed as a separate computer capable of performing independent calculations. Expert air quality modelers are anxious to save time and money by utilizing scalable, high- performance computing (HPC) applications to process the numerically intensive algorithms and data often associated with dispersion models.

With the BREEZE Remote Modeling System, you'll be able to complete what would normally take days or even weeks in only a few short minutes or hours. Imagine how much more productive you can be. Consider the benefits:

  1. Get results back in a fraction of the time - up to 100x faster!
  2. Upload input files anytime (24/7)
  3. Receive email notifications when model results are completed
  4. Conduct what-if analysis with ease
  5. No proprietary software needed
  6. Reduce your need to purchase, maintain, and upgrade computing hardware for modeling

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With every purchase of BREEZE AERMOD/ISC Pro or Pro Plus, we also offer a complimentary 10-day or 30-day trial period to the high-speed remote modeling system, respectively.

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High-Speed Modeling

Up to 100x Faster! 
Slash AERMOD runtimes, submit model inputs anytime (24/7), and receive email notifications when runs are completed. Try out the system with two free runs today!


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