Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

Post-Processing Tools

In addition to its graphical capabilities, BREEZE 3D Analyst provides an array of powerful tools for post-processing data.

3D Analyst Post-processing flow chart

Extract the Critical Information

Need to know the 99th percentile concentration in your data, compute 6-hour rolling averages, or create a map showing where and how frequently a threshold value was exceeded? 3D Analyst can do all of this in a matter of seconds. Intuitive tools allow you to pull out exactly the information you need to understand the situation, comply with regulatory standards, and make the right decision.

Data Manipulation Makes Modeling Faster and Easier

Need to add a background concentration to all of your results, or multiply everything by a factor to test a new emissions scenario? A few clicks in 3D Analyst will save you from having to re-run your model, and you will immediately see your changes reflected in the graphs, maps, and animations produced by the program. 3D Analyst also makes it easy to combine data files. Whether you need to add together the results from six different sources, pull results from five years of modeling into one file, or calculate an emissions increment by subtracting one model run from another, 3D Analyst can do it in seconds.

3D Analyst post-processing tools screenshot