Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

Visualize Results

With options including 2-D and 3-D contour plots, charts, and export of results to Google Earth and GIS software, BREEZE 3D Analyst’s graphical results give your data clarity and power.

3D Analyst - CALMET windfield

Graphical Results in Many Forms

BREEZE 3D Analyst provides many ways to graphically display results. Create 2D or 3D plots (all overlaid on your map images and/or terrain data), pie charts showing which sources contribute the most to high concentrations, and animations showing how a plume evolves over time. Whatever your results, one of 3D Analyst’s many visualization options will help you better understand, explain, and summarize your findings. With its ability to plot 3D meteorological fields and wind vectors, 3D Analyst also makes it easier than ever to understand and evaluate meteorological data such as CALMET output.

3D Analyst - 4panel results screenshot


3D Analyst - BIA Queensland screenshot


Export Results Conveniently

BREEZE 3D Analyst results can be saved as an image or animation as well as exported to a number of external programs, including Google Earth (.kmz files), Surfer, GIS utilities (shapefiles), and scalable vector graphics (SVG) files. 3D Analyst works with the software you already use, allowing you to do more with your results.

3D Analyst export to google earth screenshot

Customize Everything

BREEZE 3D Analyst provides a wide range of customization options so that your figures will be as attractive as they are informative. Adjust the color scale and opacity of your result contours, increase the font size on your legend, add a scale bar, or pull in an extra background map to overlay your results on. Then save your color scale so you can use it on your next project.

3D Analyst appearance customization screenshot