Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

Land Use Data

The Land Use tab provides a simple and flexible way for AERMET to get the important information it needs on the characteristics of the land surface that surrounds their meteorological station.

AERSURFACE Integration

Many U.S. AERMET/AERMOD users are required to use the AERSURFACE utility to automatically calculate the proper land use characteristics for their site. AERMET 7 gives users the ability to directly read in AERSURFACE output files – simply run AERSURFACE via its straightforward question-and-answer format and then point AERMET 7 to the location of your output file. Everything else is handled by program.

AERMET Custom Land Use Calculator

AERMET 7 provides another simple method for providing land use information through its custom surface characteristics calculator. Rather than worrying about Bowen ratios and albedo values, simply provide basic information on the area surrounding your site (e.g. forest to the north, open fields to the south) and let AERMET do all of the hard calculations for you.

Use Your Own Method

For users who have their own preferred methods for calculating land use characteristics, AERMET 7 accommodates you too: a simple spreadsheet interface allows you to do your own calculations outside of AERMET and then copy surface roughness, Bowen ratio, and albedo values directly in to AERMET 7.

AERMET land use screenshot