Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

Upper Atmosphere Data

The Upper Air tab allows the user to quickly import data from an upper atmosphere sounding station, which is typically required in order to produce AERMOD-ready met data. Like the Surface tab, when you select your upper air data file in the Upper Air tab, AERMET 7 will save you time by automatically filling out fields such as latitude and longitude.

Support for Non-U.S. Applications

AERMET 7 includes several features designed to make it easier to generate AERMOD-ready meteorological data for non-U.S. locations. For areas such as Asia and South America that have the near-sunrise-time upper air observations needed by AERMOD, AERMET 7 allows the user to specify a window centered on the local sunrise time in which to search for data. For areas such as Western Europe that do not have near-sunrise observations, AERMET 7 can use a combination of ADMS data and a proprietary mixing height algorithm to produce AERMOD-ready data without the need for upper air observations at all.

AERMET upper air screenshot