Modeling Software for EHS Professionals


Assigning the model ready historical meteorological data in BREEZE AERMOD is easy. Simply select the files to use with a particular scenario. BREEZE will identify the period that the data set is valid for and display the station ID so that there are no mistakes setting up the input file. BREEZE MetView, a companion product, interprets model results from the meteorological point of view.

Additional Met Features

A number of options are available from BREEZE AERMOD to refine the period of meteorological data to process, such as ‘Start/End period’ option, ‘Day range’ option, and ‘All hours’ option, so users do not need to split the meteorological files when performing modeling for a particular period.


BREEZE AERMOD links with MetView for seamless transition from one program to the next. MetView displays the data in both tabular and chart format. You can also create wind roses for user defined periods. This feature allows users to simultaneously view and interpret model results using corresponding meteorological data.

AERMOD meteorology screenshot