Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

Scenario Development Tools

BREEZE AERMOD provides a variety of tools to facilitate the setup of model or the analysis of results.

  • Ozone file, hourly emission file, and AERMOD input file editors
  • XYZ2DEM Utility to convert XYZ terrain files to digital elevation model (DEM) format
  • Coordinate Converter to convert one coordinate to another
  • AERMET, 3D Analyst , and MetView access if they are pre-installed
  • BRMS merger to merge BRMS results which can then be read by 3D Analyst
  • Blank on-site or off-site receptors tool
  • Import tool to import model objects from existing scenarios
  • Export tool to export model objects to DXF files
  • Data Explorer to view project data in a Windows Explorer-like fashion
  • Spreadsheet or Table view allows model object data to be viewed, added, removed, and edited in a Windows Excel-like fashion
  • Map window to import DXF files, shape files, or base map images as well as visualize model objects
  • 3D window to view buildings and terrain
  • TerraServer access to download base maps
  • Access and help from AERMOD experts in the BREEZE Support Team


AERMOD tools list screenshot AERMOD tools coordinate converter