Modeling Software for EHS Professionals


BREEZE AERMOD allows you to model the standard U.S. EPA sources (i.e., point, area, volume, open pit and EPA area line) and exclusive BREEZE sources such as flare and BREEZE area line sources. In addition, BREEZE offers object array generators that create user defined arrays (e.g., polylines, polygons, and Cartesian grids) of the model object type. Source elevations can also be processed with the embedded U.S. EPA AERMAP program.

BREEZE Flare Sources

BREEZE AERMOD processes flare sources as equivalent point sources according to U.S. EPA modeling guidance. It calculates the equivalent source diameter internally according to user defined parameters, such as hear release, radiation loss, and exit velocity.

Multiple Methods to Add Sources

BREEZE AERMOD gives you the option to run the standard U.S. EPA version of AERMOD or a BREEZE enhanced version which offers numerous features not available anywhere else, including a multi-scenario version that models multiple emission scenarios in the same amount of time it takes to model a single pollutant. In addition, BREEZE AERMOD allows you to run your model using a previous U.S. EPA version of AERMOD.

AERMOD sources setup screenshot