Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

Results Tab

Incident Analyst provides a robust set of model outputs. A Results Summary file provides a quick look at the most critical results (e.g. radius of exposure to concentrations over a specified threshold). For those needing more information or an in-depth understanding of why the model produced a given result, the Model Results file provides detailed information. Users can have confidence in their understanding of their results thanks to the User Guide and extensive technical documentation on each model.

BREEZE 3DAnalyst Integration

Incident Analyst is fully integrated with the BREEZE 3D Analyst program (included with purchase) to provide a wealth of options for visualizing results. Load Incident Analyst output in 3D Analyst and produce image results overlaid on a map, animated results, or export results to Google Earth, Surfer, ArcGIS shapefiles, or scalable vector graphics (SVG) files.

Incident Analyst_Results Tab Screenshot