The BREEZE Data Team is staffed by professional meteorologists and environmental engineers who provide expertise in obtaining meteorological and terrain data for your modeling needs. Our team is knowledgeable about sources for data worldwide, potential problems with external data sets and the appropriate ways to address them, and the proper preprocessing techniques for model input.

Acquiring data, verifying quality, and processing it into a model-ready state can be a costly, time-consuming process. Our long history of data processing enables us to handle both your routine and non-routine meteorological data processing needs with expertise and efficiency. Don't compromise your modeling with delayed data availability or improper data handling. Let the BREEZE meteorologists and engineers process data for you quickly and properly.

Why choose BREEZE for your Data needs?

  • Quality-assured data processed by professional meteorologists and engineers
  • Missing observations filled using U.S. EPA-accepted practices

  • Data requests processed within 1-2 business days

Complimentary Webinar on Representative Meteorological Data for AERMOD:
The Applicability of ADJ_U* to Onsite Meteorological Datasets that Include Partial Turbulence

During this demonstration, we we will discuss the applicability of the new regulatory default option, ADJ_U* in the U.S. EPA's AERMET meteorological data preprocessing tool. This option is of interest to modelers in many industries because it can reduce maximum modeled concentrations by as much as 50% for near-ground-level sources. 

Date:  Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Times: 8:00 AM CDT (GMT -5) OR 3:00 PM CDT (GMT -5) 

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Meteorological and Terrain Data for Environmental Modeling

Data for AERMOD and AERMET

BREEZE meteorologists can provide you with AERMET- and AERMOD-ready meteorological and terrain datasets that are checked and quality assured according to U.S. EPA standards, adapting the EPA methodology as needed in cases where a local regulatory agency prefers to deviate from EPA guidance, or for international locations where U.S.-specific guidance does not apply. Our staff will help you identify the most appropriate station for your project and, if necessary, fill data according... ::  Learn more



Preparing meteorological data for CALPUFF modeling is time-intensive due to the several processing steps and large data files involved. Our unique combination of computing infrastructure and professional meteorologists allow BREEZE to process your data in a timely manner. ::  Learn more


Data for ISC and CAL3QHCR

BREEZE processes this data in accordance with U.S. EPA guidance, adapting the EPA methodology as needed in cases where a local regulatory agency prefers to deviate from EPA guidance, or for international locations where U.S.-specific guidance does not apply. In such cases, the Data Team's Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) make expert decisions on the most credible scientific approach to use. ::  Learn more


Data for ADMS

The ADMS air dispersion model uses an .ADM meteorological input data file format. The BREEZE Data Team can provide meteorological data in this format for locations around the globe. Typically, the main input for this type of data is a meteorological surface observing station (such as those found at most airports). However, for remote locations, over-water locations, etc., the BREEZE Team is able to use mesoscale model simulations (WRF or MM5) to produce accurate, site-specific data in areas... ::  Learn more


Custom Datasets

Under the supervision of an AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist, the BREEZE Data Team processes and analyzes meteorological data for an array of needs that fall outside of typical air dispersion model inputs. From converting on-site meteorological tower data into custom data formats needed for specialized models to facility design studies that require determination of mean and extreme climatological conditions, the BREEZE Data Team is equipped to find efficient, innovative solutions to meet... ::  Learn more


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