Producing a trustworthy meteorological dataset for AERMOD requires thorough Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC), including finding the root causes of error/warning messages, evaluating the accuracy of unusual data values, and ensuring that the final .SFC and .PFL files that will be used in AERMOD contain reasonable values. BREEZE AERMET provides a number of tools to make this easier.

BREEZE MetView Basic

BREEZE MetView Basic is included in BREEZE AERMET, and can be launched (with your current data files open and ready for review) from a button in AERMET. From determining the number of calm and missing hours in your dataset to checking solar radiation values to make sure you used the correct time zones, MetView makes reviewing and examining both raw and AERMOD-ready meteorological data easy.

Reports tab and Error List

As soon as your run completes, AERMET will automatically bring up an Error List that puts all advisory, warning, and error messages produced by the AERMET executable at your fingertips. In seconds you can assess whether there are any potential issues with your run and if so, what they are. For more detailed QA/QC, the redesigned Reports tab allows you to view and save all input, output, and report files, and is organized by AERMET Stage to make it easy to determine just where in the AERMET process an issue may have come up.

Quality Assurance Checks

An important component of any AERMET run is ensuring that the meteorological data are of high quality and that any poor-quality data is rejected. The Quality Assurance tab in AERMET makes it easy to incorporate these checks into your AERMET job. Users can specify which variables to QA/QC, as well as controlling options such as what upper and lower bounds to allow for each variable.

AERMET quality assurance screenshot

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