Source5 is a LNG-specific model developed by the Gas Technology Institute that predicts the vaporization rate from instantaneous spills and continuous leaks over land or water. This model was developed to specifically handle the complicated behavior of LNG as it vaporizes and forms a dense cloud. With the Source5 model, users will have the ability to choose from a variety of release types when predicting the evaporation rate and spreading of an evaporating LNG release.

Multiple Release Types

The Source5 Model is used for predicting the vaporization rate from instantaneous spills and continuous leaks over land or water. The user has the ability to customize model characteristics by choosing from the five different release types available for simulation: confined instantaneous land spills; confined continuous land spills; unconfined instantaneous land spills; unconfined continuous water spills; and unconfined instantaneous water spills.

The output results are easy to read and flow seamlessly into the DEGADIS Model without manually typing results into DEGADIS. This seamless integration of Source5 output into DEGADIS reduces errors and reduces the time required to do the job.

LFG Source5 screenshot 1

When selecting the Source5 model, users are prompted to identify the source characteristics, details, and LNG properties in the dialog box.

LFG Source5 screenshot 2

For the source details in Source5, the floor properties, tank specification, shape of the dike, and dike dimension are required.

LFG Source5 screenshot 3

Lastly, users are requested to describe the LNG properties by selecting Pure methane or User specified LNG.

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