Whether you're entering links or receptors, you enter them only one time. BREEZE ROADS gives users the ability to enter data by copying and pasting from an external spreadsheet to the data table within the software. This product also features CAD-like drawing tools enabling users to edit, move, and delete sources and receptors seamlessly. Additional productivity features for entering sources and receptors include the onsite receptor removal option, integrated unit conversion, unlimited receptors grids, unlimited sources, and unlimited source groupings.

Sources and Receptors

BREEZE features CAD-like drawing tools that make it easy to edit, move, and delete sources and receptors. You can view model input data in 2D. Intuitive form and table views of data also provide for easy data entry and customization of units. All model parameters are supplemented with complete online help, which provides definitions and acceptable ranges.

BREEZE makes it easy to create and execute projects and avoid costly data entry mistakes. You can easily import and use an AutoCAD .DXF file of a plot plan, facility map, or a digital line graph (DLGs) of local transportation and hydrography features; or, a bitmap image of an aerial photograph as project base maps. This makes it easy to digitize source, building, and property line locations within BREEZE.

BREEZE ROADS has the option of creating separate source and receptor files to save you time and give you flexibility when making multiple runs. You can also share model input data with other applications using AutoCAD .DXF and Windows bitmap image (.BMP) files or standard Windows “cut and paste” capabilities.


Users can add receptors by entering information in a table format, or by using CAD-like drawing tools to place the receptors on the base map. Using these same methods, users can easily enter information on the sources.

Wide Variety of Sources and Receptors

Using CALINE4 and CAL3QHC the user may enter up to 120 sources, and using CAL3QHCR the user may enter up to 200 sources. BREEZE ROADS allows for a larger number of receptors to be entered, with up to 200 discrete receptors allowed in CALINE4 and CAL3QHC and up to 1000 discrete receptors allowed in CAL3QHCR.

ROADS_Receptors Black Bkg

BREEZE ROADS enables users to enter multiple sources and receptors in a single model run. Users also have the ability to change the background color of their base map depending on their preference.

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