Designed as an expandable platform, BREEZE Risk Analyst includes all the underlying components and functionality required to perform risk modeling with separate modules to support specific risk needs. Individual risk modules are designed to implement a specific risk assessment methodology or regulatory program (e.g., HHRAP, TRIM, HARP).

Available Modules

Initial development efforts included the completion of the U.S. EPA Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP) module, while future development efforts will focus on the risk modeling components of programs such as: TRIM, HARP, HAPEM4, HEM-3, SLERAP, RAGS.

HHRAP Module

The HHRAP module includes the following risk modeling capabilities:

  • Environmental Media - air, water, soil, and sediment
  • Risk Characterization - acute exposure, cancer risk, and noncancer hazard
  • Exposure Pathways - inhalation, eggs, soil, milk, produce (above and below ground), fish, beef, drinking water, pork, dermal, and chicken
  • Exposure Scenarios - resident adult and child, fisher adult and child, farmer adult and child, nursing infant, or user defined (e.g., on-site worker)

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