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What's New in 2.3.2

  • Enabled a feature to save the Appearance settings for the model result graphics, including the settings for Contour Levels

    Appearance Settings Save - BREEZE 3D ANALYST

  • Added options to save data and project templates under the BREEZE Application button


  • Added support for non-English operating systems' administrator privilege

  • Added the distance (from source) values to each Level of Concern when plotting to Google Earth through 3D Analyst, for files imported from BREEZE Incident Analyst

    Distance From Source - BREEZE 3D Analyst

  • Enabled base maps to be named with XML reserved characters

  • Improved the speed of 3D Analyst on network licensing system (network dongle)

  • Improved the quality of output image

  • Added an option to change the color for Data Points

Bug Fixes for All Users

  • Fixed the inconsistency of contour levels displayed under the 3D Analyst Map tab and in Google Earth

  • Fixed a bug that caused the previous project's polygon object(s) to display under the Map tab even when the current case did not contain any polygon object

  • Fixed a problem that caused the base map to display incorrectly under the Map tab when a non-UTM coordinate system was used

  • Corrected the axis labels under the Cross Section tab

  • Fixed the Help menu links of Surfer and Google Earth under the Plotting page

Bug Fixes for AERMOD/ISC Users

  • Fixed a bug that did not allow large post files generated by BREEZE AERMOD to open directly in 3D Analyst

  • Resolved the bug that failed to display the correct concentration unit when it was customized for imported files

  • Fixed the error caused when opening the Puff files

Bug Fixes for CALPUFF Users

  • Fixed the error caused when opening the Puff files

Bug Fixes for Incident Analyst Users

  • Fixed a problem that failed to plot 3D Analyst's graphical results to Surfer for certain imported files

  • Rectified the unit of duration shown under the Map & Table tabs for imported files

  • Fixed an issue that caused the animation created to stop several time steps before the end for imported files

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Jet fire model files from BREEZE Incident Analyst to fail to import to 3D Analyst

  • Fixed an issue that caused the first time period under the Report tab to not display correctly for SLAB files

  • Fixed the error caused when creating animations for INPUFF model files

Known Issues

  • Surfer Version 11.0 is not compatible with BREEZE 3D Analyst due to a change in the specified version ( Surfer users should update from Surfer 11.0 to 11.1 or higher versions.


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