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What's New in Version 2.4

  • Updated map control to feature significant improvements to the map view including:
    o Added support for base map image size of 60 MB or more depending on the hardware
    o Updated projection form to include coordinate system with more projections
    o Removed the unnecessary projection settings when importing shapefiles with .prj files
    o Removed the unnecessary projection group box and combined the View tab into the Map Data Tab in the Map Manager
    o Enhanced the functions of importing DWG/DXF file formats
    o Automatically generate .prj file when exporting objects to Shapefile

  • Added a feature to display base maps in the Map tab alongside with contours of .b3d data extracted from AERMOD archive AMZ files

  • Added the ability to customize legends for the concentration contour plot in Google Earth

    Customize Legends - BREEZE 3D ANALYST

  • Improved the plot-to-Surfer function so that when there are concentration contours of different time periods to plot, each time period is plotted to an individual layer in the same plot file instead of creating one plot file for one time period

    Improved Plot to Surfer Function - BREEZE 3D ANALYST

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that failed to generate the .prj file when exporting shapefiles

  • Fixed a bug that caused AERMOD binary post files to be read incorrectly when the AERMOD-ready met data used in model runs was generated by AERMET v11059 or later

  • Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect plotting of concentration contours in Google Earth when systems other than the UTM coordinated systems were used in model setup

  • Fixed a bug that failed to open certain CALPUFF output concentration files in 3D Analyst

  • Fixed a bug in the Plot-to-Google Earth feature that displayed an incorrect time stamp for the concentration contour plot in Google Earth

  • Fixed a bug that prevented output shapefiles to open

Know Issues

  • Surfer Version 11.0 is not compatible with BREEZE 3D Analyst due to a change in the specified version ( Surfer users should update from Surfer 11.0 to 11.1 or higher versions to ensure compatibility with 3D Analyst.


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