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Whats new in Version 7.12

  • Incorporated the latest U.S. EPA AERMOD executable 16216r released on January 17, 2017, which includes the following enhancements:

    • Replaced the previous PVMRM option for NO2 processing with the new PVMRM2 option, retaining PVMRM as the option name
    • Set the PVMRM, OLM, and ARM2 options as DFAULT options
    • Removed the BETA/Non-default status of POINTCAP and/or POINTHOR sources

    Note: Under certain conditions, the U.S. EPA AERMOD version 16216r may produce slightly different results if altering the receptors' order in AERMOD input file. The U.S. EPA is aware of this issue and is currently working on fixing the bug. As such, this latest version of BREEZE AERMOD will not include the parallel version at this time. As soon as the U.S. EPA releases a new version, we will include the updated version and the parallel version in BREEZE AERMOD 7.12.

  • Added BREEZE-enhanced version of the latest AERMOD executable 16216r
  • Incorporated a feature that automatically imports a geo-referenced basemap file with the following data file formats (.tfw and .tfwx for .tif files, .jgw and .jgwx for .jpg or .jpeg files, .pgw and .pgwx for .png files, and .bpw and .bpwx for .bmp files) 


  • Added a feature to generate an aligned or geo-referenced file after manually importing a basemap and geo-referencing it. This geo-referenced file is automatically saved on your computer and can be used for future modeling projects (i.e., .tfw for .tif files, .jgw for .jpg or .jpeg files, .pgw for .png files, and .bpw for .bmp files). Users will not need to geo-reference these files again.
  • Added a function to retain the format for emission rate data as specified by the user
  • Added a function to prevent users from running AERMAP if the FLAT option is specified
  • Added additional mapping projections and datum for old and new Tatuk control
  • Added the capability to import .png files for base maps

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented NED files from being reloaded after an AERMAP run has completed
  • Fixed various bugs related to map tools, map objects, and map view in the Map tab
  • Fixed a bug that caused the hourly emission editor to freeze if there were too many sources
  • Fixed a bug that skipped the first model run when using the Schedule Runs feature
  • Fixed a bug that failed to load correct emission rate unit for Area, Circular Area, Polygon Area, Open pit and BREEZE Line sources
  • Fixed a bug that prevented .amz file with invalid projection parameters from being loaded in 3D Analyst

Known Issues

  • When the multi-year option is enabled in the Control Options, subsequent years must be run immediately after prior years in order to properly read the output files.
  • Some USB Hardware Keys (dongles) for multi-core licenses of AERMOD that were issued for use with the 11103 and earlier executables will not be compatible with the most recent editions of the AERMOD Parallel and BREEZE AERMOD Parallel executables. These keys may need to be updated; please contact Support with related questions.
  • Event runs must be executed immediately after the corresponding standard AERMOD run.
  • Some numbers (e.g., ones that have a low number of or no decimal places) may be carried out to a higher number of decimal places when converting between different units of measure in both the Data tab and the Sources form of the Project tab, resulting in a loss of precision.


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