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What's New in Version 7.9

  • Integrates the most recent U.S. EPA AERMOD version 14134, release on May 16, 2014, including high-speed parallel and BREEZE-enhanced versions of the new executable

    Version14134EPA - BREEZE AERMOD

  • Features an option to change the processing of 1-hour NO2, 1-hour SO2, and 24-hour PM2.5 results depending on whether modeling is being done for the U.S. NAAQS standards or some other standard

    Processing Control Added - BREEZE AERMOD

  • Introduces an Area/Open pit/Line source debug output file to allow users to create and examine separate debug
    files containing the calculations of concentration for Area, Open pit, and Line sources

    Area Open Pit Debug - BREEZE AERMOD

  • Includes the wind-sector-varying background concentration option

    Wind Sector Varying - BREEZE AERMOD

  • Includes wind-sector-varying ozone concentration option

    Wind Sector Varying Ozone - BREEZE AERMOD

  • Upgrades MPICH2 libraries for parallel executable to MPICH2 1.4.1p1
    Note: If you have previously worked with BREEZE Parallel AERMOD locally using MPICH2 1.2.1, you will
    need to uninstall MPICH2 1.2.1 and install MPICH2 1.4.1p1. Otherwise, BREEZE Parallel AERMOD
    won't work in the new BREEZE AERMOD. After you successfully install BREEZE AERMOD 7.9, please
    go to Home -> Others -> BREEZE AERMOD Parallel Installation for instruction.

  • Displays emission rates in a consistent format for all pollutants simulated in Multi-Scenario Processor mode

  • Includes Sort function for data in Data tab

  • Preserves compatibility with U.S. EPA AERMOD versions 13350, 12345, 12060, 09292, and 07026

Bug Fixes

  • EPA line source was not displayed properly in 3D Analyst.

  • The station number and year for onsite meteorology were not loaded properly.

  • AERMAP could not be run if there is only buildings but without sources in BREEZE AERMOD.

  • Reports tab displayed a problematic input summary table after BRMS results were merged.

  • Some debug output files were not collected and zipped into .amz result file.

  • Some input files with certain RECTABLE high values were not loaded properly.

Known Issues

  • When the multi-year option is enabled in the Control Options, subsequent years must be run
    immediately after prior years in order properly read the output files.

  • Some USB Hardware Keys (dongles) for multi-core licenses of AERMOD that were issued for
    use with the 11103 and earlier executables will not be compatible with the most recent
    editions of the AERMOD Parallel and BREEZE Parallel executables. These keys may need to be
    updated; please contact Support with related questions.

  • When using the click/drag interface to add rectangular objects in the Map tab, in some cases
    the orientation of the object will "flip", requiring the user to manually move it to the
    originally intended position. It is recommended that users begin drawing all rectangular
    objects in the bottom left corner of the object.

  • Event runs must be executed immediately after the corresponding standard AERMOD run.


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