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What's New in Version 1.4

  • Improved Chemical Database to include the following updates:
    o Edit the database without having administrator privileges
    o Add Level of Concern (concentration standards) to the modeling runs

    Levels of Concern - BREEZE INCIDENT ANALYST

    o Edit chemicals efficiently and accurately with the improved Chemical Edit window

    Improved Chemical Edit Window - BREEZE INCIDENT ANALYST

  • Implemented numerous bug fixes to the source term calculations and models in Incident Analyst to ensure a smooth modeling experience

  • Added a new Table Objects Tab to speed up scenario setup and editing of sources

    Table Objects Tab - INCIDENT ANALYST

  • Updated ComponentOne to the latest version to improve stability and pave the way for additional improvements in the future

  • Optimized the naming conventions for Chemical IDs manually added by users

  • Added several warning messages, including a warning message:
    o Before automatically changing Surface Roughness when an AFTOX buoyant stack source is added
    o To remind users of the constants used in Antoine Equation (AFTOX) and in Antoine Equation (Reid Equation 3) are corresponding to different pressure and temperature unit
    o If there are decimal points in the humidity value

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the shortcut that opens example projects

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Help menu to be inaccessible through an existing project

  • Fixed an issue with the calculation of liquid heat capacity for mixtures

  • Fixed an issue with the density of liquid stored at ambient temperature

  • Fixed an issue with the vapor pressure for noncryogenic liquid pool

  • Removed duplicate warning messages for missing chemical property parameters

  • Fixed a bug that displayed the previous summary file when there were no results for the second model run

  • Resolved an issue that caused the pressure display in the summary file to be set as 1 atm for an unconfined pool fire

  • Fixed an issue that caused the spill date to not update after users change the Date and Time of the modeling scenario

  • Fixed an issue with the Save Changes command that prevented saving changes to the Chemical Database

  • Fixed a bug that caused issues when adding more than one new chemical in the Chemical Database

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the user's Chemical Database to sometimes be removed when the software is uninstalled

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent updating chemical names when users edit the Chemical Database

  • Updated the liquid density in pool evaporation in the Chemical Database to use Fixed Value if all components of the mixture have fixed values

  • Fixed an issue with time step calculation in the INPUFF model that caused an incorrect modeling output for the first time step

  • Fixed a bug that prevented calculations for the maximum concentration at given height and time for buoyant plume in the AFTOX model

  • Fixed several bugs in the evaporating pool calculation through Source Term Wizard in the AFTOX model

  • Resolved a bug that displayed the calculated chemical quantity in a pipe for an unlimited supply source in the Source Term Wizard as zero for the AFTOX model

  • Fixed an issue that displayed the wrong vapor pressure when not using a fixed value and caused the calculated emission rate in the Source Term Wizard to be set as zero

  • Fixed the bug that displayed the wrong Richardson number for certain pressurized pipe releases in the Source Term Wizard

  • Fixed an issue that previously prevented the final time and release time from being set as the same in the DEGADIS model for transient releases

  • Corrected the release temperature of transient emission in the default last two lines in the DEGADIS model input file


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